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Introduction :

      National Informatics Centre, is a premier organisation in the field of Information Technology. It provides state-of-the-art solutions to Information Management and decision support requirements of Government of India, State Government and the Corporate sector. NIC has emerged as an agent of change in the user organisation by providing cost effective training solutions in key IT areas.

  Type of Courses :

      In order to keep abreast of latest technologies and to make use of information systems developed by NIC in various sectoral areas, special emphasis is laid on user's training. NIC offers immense training opportunities in well planned and professionally managed training courses, not only on various computer related topics, both in English and Hindi, but also on the applications of  IT in key Sectoral areas - Rural Development, Agriculture, Industry, Finance, Commerce, Tourism, Health & Family welfare, Co-operatives, Environment etc. Many of these courses are being sponsored by Department of Personnel & Training and Department of Official Languages. Besides this, NIC also  conducts Training Programmes for Government Departments, Autonomous Bodies, Public Sector Units and various other organizations on request and chargeable basis. Short term seminars/Workshops are offered in key emerging technologies such as Client/Server Technology, Internet, Web designing, Java, C++, BASISplus, EDI etc. Training Programmes offered by NIC Lucknow, are classified as follows :

(1) Executive Development Programme :  These programmes are meant for middle and senior management of Government Ministries/Departments. The programmes are being organised for creating awareness about Information Technology (IT) and realising the potential of IT for effective administration. Working knowledge of Office Productivity Tools & Internet is also included as part of these courses.

(2) Sectoral Development Programmes : Sectoral programmes focus attention on Ministry/Department specific application packages & information management tools.

(3) Computer Programmes in Hindi : These training programmes are for promoting the use of computers for preparing documents & processing data in Hindi Languages.

(4) Customised Programmes : One slot/week of training facility is available for organising customized training programmes by the Application Divisions as and when required for the end users.

  Course Contents :

       The course contents have been carefully designed to meet the emerging need of the users in order to make optimum use of computing facilities. As the new products and latest version of softwares keep coming to the market, the relevant course contents are being revised.

       The courses cover the areas of Windows  operating systems, packages like Lotus SmartSuite, Microsoft Office, Email and Internet. The update courses for the NIC staff cover the areas of Communications, Advanced Techniques in SSAD and Data Security. Several courses in designing Client-Server and Web-based applications have also been conducted. The courses cover RDBMS DB2, Net. Data, HTML, PERL, Java and JavaScript. The skill set of the staff is constantly being upgraded.

     Customised Courses

As part of corporate training, NIC Lucknow Training Division conducts a number of customised training programmes for various Government/ Public Sector organizations. These programmes can be placed in two categories :

1.  Training on Standard Software/Packages

2.  Training on NIC's Developed Softwares

Training on Standard Software/Packages :

        NIC Training Division provides intensive training on standard software packages as per the requirement of user. The mode of training is Lecture (with demonstration) as well as hands on sessions. The training modules being covered by NIC,Training Division, U.P State Unit can be categorized as --

       (A)  Window Based Training Programmes

                           (1)     Introduction to computers

                           (2)     Introduction to Windows Operating System

                           (3)     MS- WORD  (Word Processing Package)

                           (4)     MS - EXCEL  (Spread Sheet Package)

                           (5)     Introduction to Networking and Internet

                Note :   The training on MS Access as per the requirement of   Users    

       For all the above courses, Training Division has specially designed course material, covering various topics in depth. The half of time is devoted to Lectures & Demo and rest is used for practical session.

Training on NIC's Developed Softwares :

          NIC professionals develop various softwares as per the requirement of different user departments such as TISNIC (Treasury Infomation System), IPMS (Integrated Pension Management System), 20- Point, DCIS (District Court Information System) etc.

       Practical applicability of software is considered fully during development phase. After development of a software, the NIC, UPSU Training Division organizes the training to the users of that software. The training covers whole concept of software and its operation. The methods used are :  Lecture (with demonstration) and Hands on.

       The  trainees are also given hands on session on any given problem by them so that they can tune themselves to the real environment. Special FAQ are also covered.

      The NIC Professionals also prepare user manual/operational Guide for the developed software so that user may get acquainted to the software in easy way.

     In some special cases NIC Professional also visit the user site to provide operational training in real environment.

Course Evaluation :

At the end of each programme, strength and weaknesses of the course are discussed and participants' feedback is taken. Their feedback is being implemented in the subsequent courses.

  Faculty :

      NIC Lucknow Training Division has its own permanent faculty drawn from leading professional institutions and have years of training experience. The faculty keep themselves up-to-date on the emerging technologies while working and using latest products. Subject experts from NIC support groups and guest faculty are invited wherever it is necessary.

  Teaching Methodology :

     Over the years, NIC has perfected the art of introducing and absorbing new technologies within the organisation successfully. It makes use of the state-of-the-art audio visual equipments, computer based tutor packages and well designed work books. The teaching methodology comprise sessions or field visits. Extensive use of case studies and group projects are being made to facilitate adult learning.

Training Infrastructure

The Training Division of  NIC U.P. State Unit Lucknow has sufficient infrastructure to conduct intensive training programmes. It has  two Training Halls having ample space and required furnishment. There are 20 computers with latest hardware configuration and softwares distributed in these halls. The man-machine ration is kept 2:1 during practice sessions.

Besides this, Training Division is also equipped with various training-aid tools such as Over Head Projector, Slide Projector and Large Scale Projection System. Using these tools the operational aspect of computer is explained to a gathering of trainees.

  Course Fee and Mode of Payment :

     For Formal Full Time Awareness/Skill Development Programmes At NIC Premises:

    Based on Group Charges

Course Duration   Course Fee Rates
 (for 15-20 participants) (for 21-25 Participants )
1 day Rs. 9,700 Rs. 11,000
2 days Rs. 22,000 Rs. 25,000
3 days Rs. 28,000 Rs. 32,000
5 days(1 week) Rs. 44,000 Rs. 50,000
5 days (for Senior Officers equivalent to IAS Officer) Rs. 57,000  Rs. 65,000
10 days (2 weeks) Rs. 75,000  Rs. 85,000
15 days (3 weeks)   Rs. 1,06,000  Rs. 1,20,000
20 days (4 weeks) Rs. 1,32,000 Rs. 1,50,000
30 days (6 weeks) Rs. 2,00,000  Rs. 2,20,000

Under this category minimum batch size should be 15 participants per course.

        In case, the number of  participants is less than the prescribed limit, NIC can consider to club participants from two or more users, if agreed by them and the course contents, level of participants, pre-requisites etc. are same.

  Note:  The user organisation will be required to pay the course fee as stated above even if the number of participants is less than the group size. In case the group size exceeding 25 participants, the user organisation will have to pay the extra fee on pro-rata basis. for example, fee for an extra participant of one week course on pro-rata basis will be Rs. 50,000/25 = Rs. 2,000/-

Based on Per Participants

Course Duration  

Course Fee Rates
(on per participant basis )
1 day   Rs. 800
2 days Rs. 1200
3 days Rs. 2000
5 days (1 week) Rs. 3000
5 days(1 week for senior officers) Rs. 3500
10 days(2 week) Rs. 5000
 15 days(3 week) Rs. 8,000
 20 days(4 week) Rs. 10,000
30 days(6 week)  Rs. 15,000


Under this category, minimum batch size should be 10 participants per course.

For Formal Full Advanced Tech. Level Courses/Seminars/Workshop etc. At NIC Premises:

(Topics Like : GIS, Visual Basic, Visual Java, VC++, Web designing, SQL Server, Windows NT, System Administration, SSAD/Object Oriented Analysis & Design, Group-ware Tech., Trends in Databases, Computer Hardware, LAN setup & Administration, Lotus Notes, Client Server based Application Development etc.)

Course Duration

 Course Fee Rates
(on per participant basis )
1 day Rs. 1,000
 2 days Rs. 1,800
3 days Rs. 2,500
5 days (1 week) Rs. 4,000
10 days (2 week) Rs. 7,200
15 days(3 week) Rs. 10,000
20 days(4 week) Rs. 12,000

30 days(6 week)

Rs. 18,000


   Under this category, minimum batch size should be 10 participants per course.

In order to have wider participation from the Government sector, regular courses are offered FREE of charge.In order to make logistic arrangements for the course, the user organisation will have to pay the course fee at least one month in advance through cheque/demand draft in favour of "National Informatics Centre, Lucknow". However, Ministries/Department may also send the Financial Authority in Favour of  PAO, NIC with details of account/budget heads to be operated for the particular amount.

 Course Material for Customised Paid Courses consisting of :

           - Course Schedule

           - In -house printed course material

           - Xeroxed reference material including Lecture notes/ hands-on-sessions exercises/ assignments etc.

           - Printed Technical Book to supplement in-house material, if required

      Course Kit consisting of :

       - Good quality Bag, Writing Pad, Pen, Pencil, Eraser, Sharpener

  Boarding & Lodging :

     All outstation participants must make their own boarding and lodging arrangements during the training period. For regular programmes, tea is   served free of cost and canteen facilities can be availed for working lunch. For all sponsored/customised and commercial programmes, appropriate arrangements for tea and working lunch will be made by NIC.

  Venue & Timings :

     All training courses in Lucknow will be conducted at the address given below On each day, the course will be held between 10 AM to 5 PM with tea- breaks from 11:15 AM to 11:45 AM and 3:15 PM to 3:45 PM. Lunch break will be from 1PM to 2 PM.

  How To Apply :

For enrolment, the prescribed nomination form (or its photocopy) may be used. For each participant and for each course, separate nomination form should be filled up. These forms complete in all respects should be sent at least four weeks before the date of commencement of the respective course, to the address given below.

     Head, Training Division

     National Informatics Centre

     Uttar Pradesh State Unit

     6 Floor, Yojna Bhawan

     9 Sarojini Naidu Marg

     Lucknow - 226 001

      Ph: 0522-2238950,2238949,2238945

     Fax : 0522- 2238977